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Our Wedding Ceremonies

There are many wedding ceremonies, and many couples aren't sure what type of ceremony they want. It is something we will discuss during the couple's free consultation. We offer secular, spiritual, inter-faith, and traditional non-denominational Christian ceremonies.   We are more than happy to help you determine what type of ceremony is right for you that expresses your love and beliefs. 


Our traditional Christian ceremony includes an opening prayer, scripture readings, and other religious references. Various samples of scriptures and ring blessings are provided to the couple, and your alterations are encouraged. Family members may participate as a reader. As with any of our ceremonies, a unity ceremony also enhances this ceremony.

If you would like to add certain religious, ethnic, or cultural elements, we welcome that as well. Rituals that are personal to the couple make for a more meaningful ceremony.


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Secular and Spiritual

 This type of ceremony is for those who choose not to include any religious elements in their ceremony. The ceremony is created around the couple's values and their personal love story, expressed by the ceremony script selections they choose. A reading of a love poem would make an excellent addition and a unity ceremony to this type of ceremony.

Couples seeking a spiritual ceremony may include religious references like a prayer or scripture reading.

The ceremony would be primarily on marriage and a couple's love for one another. Personal inclusions are encouraged.

Elopements and 
Vow Renewals

If you are looking for a small intimate ceremony on the waterfront or a backyard micro wedding, this one may be for you. Just because the ceremony may be small does not mean it should not be personal and meaningful. 


A personalized vow renewal ceremony is a special way to celebrate life's milestones and accomplishments that a couple has had together.

Looking for an excellent way to surprise your spouse in front of their family and friends?  



Adding a UnityCeremony

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Looking for a unique way to personalize your wedding ceremony, there are a few unity ceremony ideas that you may consider incorporating into your big day. 

You may already be familiar with some of them, like the lighting of a unity candle, a sand ceremony where you blend sand into a vessel. These are a great option if you would like to include family members or children.  

Here are a couple of more ideas that my couples have chosen.

The blending of the wine, Wine has been a symbol of life and prosperity for centuries. The couple has two small carafes of wine, one white and one red. After exchanging rings, the couple pours the wines into a third carafe, creating a blend.

The ring warming ceremony is believed to be an Irish tradition and a way to include your wedding party in the ceremony.

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